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Technology and Trends: See How Wynn Resorts Transformed Their Information Governance Strategy With Data Classification

July 10, 2014
2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific

Today, 80% of data is unstructured, and it’s doubling every two years . Your organization’s unstructured information is comprised of emails, documents, and other file types, and is saved to computers, mobile devices, the cloud, everywhere. So how do you go about securing your most important electronically stored information (ESI), mitigating risk, controlling costs, and reducing data loss if you don’t know what data you have and where it is?

With data growing exponentially and increasing demands being placed on how to regain control of this data, information governance is transforming the way we do business. The default strategy of “let’s keep everything” has led to soaring storage costs, high legal costs in lawsuits, a heavy burden on IT for eDiscovery requests, and increased risk that sensitive data will get lost in the data chaos.

Join David Tyburski, Global Director of Information Security at Wynn Resorts and Lara Bender, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at TITUS, to learn how a proactive Information Governance Strategy:
- Drives down costs, mitigates risk, and prevents data loss
- Enhances eDiscovery – easily find relevant information for legal, compliance and regulatory requests
- Enables Defensible Deletion – get rid of information as it goes from asset to liability
- Starts with your users – Gain control over data at time of creation

Register today to learn how taking control of unstructured data can jumpstart your Information Governance journey.