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Creating World-class Mobile Experiences with Windows Azure Mobile Services

April 8, 2014
1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific

Great mobile apps make it easy to login using Facebook, collaborate and share things with others. It’s nice to receive timely notifications and messages on your mobile devices when important events occur. And being able to continue your experience across all of your devices from your phone, to your tablet, and to your PC, is a great feature of robust and successful mobile apps. These capabilities are enabled by backend services, web APIs and cloud storage.

Creating a mobile backend from scratch is not a trivial task, which is why a lot of developers make the mistake of ignoring these capabilities that users now expect. Thanks to Windows Azure Mobile Services, you can avoid making the same mistake, setup a mobile backend in minutes, and provide your users robust mobile apps.

With Windows Azure Mobile Services, you can utilize pre-built services to deliver common mobile features across Windows, iOS and Android! Windows Azure Mobile Services provides app developers with a secure backend that can store data, authenticate users with social identity providers, send push notifications, and expose your custom web APIs and functionality. Join this webcast to see how you can create these robust mobile experiences with ease using Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Featured Speakers:
Eric D. Boyd, Founder and CEO of responsiveX
Brad Jones, Moderator - IT Business Edge