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Be lean. Be agile. Work together.

March 27, 2014
12:00 p.m. Eastern / 9:00 a.m. Pacific

Teams need to deliver quality software faster and need integrated agile planning, task tracking, source control, auto deploy with continuous builds and a configurable process to adapt to the way you work. Rational Team Concert and DevOps Services (JazzHub) have everything you need to build great software, integrated seamlessly together right out of the box or available immediately in the cloud. And with the Rational Team Concert Client, you can connect your on-premise projects with Public or Private projects in the cloud hosted in DevOps Services (JazzHub) so your teams can work the way that best suits their needs. Come and join us to hear more about how you can leverage the capabilities that address your needs to collaboratively develop great software faster and more efficiently.

What you'll learn:
- The pros and cons of cloud vs on-premise software development
- How on-premise development can effectively leverage cloud technology
- Rational Team Concert and DevOps Services (JazzHub) have the flexibility to work the way you want

Featured Speakers:
Rolf Nelson, Product Manager, Rational Team Concert
Sreenivasan (Raj) Rajagopal, Product Manager, IBM DevOps Services in the cloud
Lenny Liebmann, Moderator, IT Business Edge