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The Data Center as a Business Enabler: Everything a C-Level Should Know About Data Center Strategy & Operations

October 10, 2018

As a seasoned executive, you’ve witnessed the progression of the enterprise data center from a support function – providing employees with the tools they need to work – to a business enabler that provides instant access to data that is critical to your business and a positive digital experience for your customers. Getting your data center strategy right results in a scalable, cost-effective asset that can drive digital business, enable innovation, and drive revenue growth. Getting it wrong can mean increased operational risk, unnecessary expense, missed opportunity, and business lost to competitors.

If you’re a CxO or member of your organization’s leadership team, you need to understand, formulate, and manage your data center strategy to achieve mission-critical goals and address key challenges and concerns.

Join Tony DeSpirito, Vice President/General Manager of Data Center Operations at Schneider Electric, for a discussion about the many ways your data center strategy may be impacting your business and best practices in data center operations. Tony will discuss:

  • Cloud, colocation, on-premise, out-sourced data center operations, edge? With so many choices, what’s the best strategy for your company
  • How data center operations impact your P&L, go-to-market strategy, and other strategic goals• Lessons learned from operating the world’s largest data centers
  • The future of data center operations is “lights out.” What do you need to do to get ready?