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How Automation and Preventative Resolution are Transforming Workplace Productivity

August 29, 2017

"We are moving from a world where people behave the way computers work, and toward a world where computers work the way people behave."

Innovation in workplace technology is making significant inroads in productivity, user satisfaction, and cost management.

Innovation is having a dramatic impact through a service delivery model that applies automation and preventative and self-healing technologies to resolve issues — often before they are evident to users. It is also enabling organizations to proactively manage and protect endpoints and their data — regardless of device location — intercepting threats at the point of entry.

If your organization provides service desk support or allocates significant resources to endpoint management — this is one hour you should spend with our experts as they demonstrate how these technologies deliver preventative support, improved productivity and user satisfaction.

This event will cover:

-- What happens if your End User Support doesn't 'shift left'
-- How automation & preventative technologies are gamechangers
-- A live demo of a predictive, self-healing platform for connected devices
-- How proactive & preventative technology is the best means to secure endpoints
-- How to build your workplace innovation roadmap