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Driverless Security for the Blissfully Unaware: Protecting Users Even When Their Hands Are Off the Wheel

June 19, 2018
The irony of the BYOD Generation is that while organizations have made it easier for users to quickly and safely configure and deploy their devices to access secure systems and data, network and data security have never been more at risk.
No organization is immune from the combination of bad actors, vulnerable systems, and “blissfully unaware” users. Security incursions continue to grow exponentially across endpoints, mobile devices, and cloud, despite unprecedented private and public sector efforts to secure the infrastructure. What is the best solution for comprehensive infrastructure protection?
Simply put, most current approaches lack the dimensional depth required to identify, intercept and de-weaponize threats across the infrastructure.
On June 19, Pomeroy and Cisco security experts will deliver one of the most important security events this year – an actionable strategy for effective multi-layer protection for endpoints, mobile devices, cloud, network…and especially the blissfully unaware users.