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Agility Unleashed: What SD WAN Can Do for You

May 31, 2017

With SD-WAN, the future is now – and it couldn't come at a better time.

Today, organizations with many remote locations typically have a rigid design for their wide area networks based upon costly MPLS connections and legacy routers that require a significant amount of time, effort and expertise to configure, deploy and manage.

Transformative technologies that greatly enhance capabilities and lower costs can take years to develop and put into production.

Not so with SD-WAN, which Gartner describes as a highly disruptive force accelerating at a pace, “unheard of in wide area networking.”

The combination of increased speed, faster deployments, agility to reconfigure in minutes, application prioritization, and cost savings is not a theoretical end state – many organizations are realizing these benefits today.

On Wednesday, May 31, join SD WAN experts, Stephen Vandegriff and Louie Belt when they discuss how leading companies are adopting SD WAN solutions to quickly deliver greater agility and impressive bottom line results.

Participants Will Learn:

--The ABCs of SD WAN – Agility, Bandwidth and Costs
--How to determine if SD WAN is right for you and the impact it can have
--Key industry trends and use cases driving SD WAN with top company success stories
--How to evaluate the current list of SD-WAN providers and choose the one that is right for you
--How to leverage broadband access to deliver additional performance, redundancy and savings
--How to build a roadmap for the ‘network of the future’

About the speakers
Stephen Vandegriff is Pomeroy Managing Director - Network, Data Center & Workplace Services. He is focused on the development and delivery of program services, market strategies, sales enablement initiatives, and quality solutions within these practice areas.

Louie Belt is Principal Solution Architect for Advanced Data Center Solutions at Pomeroy. He is on the front lines with Fortune 1000 organizations evaluating business requirements and architecting advanced technology solutions designed to optimize their IT infrastructures

About Pomeroy
Pomeroy provides high quality IT infrastructure services throughout North America, Latin America and Europe. Its portfolio of infrastructure managed services includes: Workplace Services, Network Services, Data Center Services and Cloud Services, as well as staffing services and a full range of product lifecycle services. Recognized as one of the Top 50 Solution Providers in North America, Pomeroy employs its Optimized Infrastructure Framework, a process-centric approach to working with clients remotely or on premise to assess, plan, design, build, test, implement, manage, and optimize each client's IT infrastructure, leading to the creation of business value and return on IT investments.


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