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Taming Digital Disruption in the Workplace

March 29, 2017

You may not recognize digital disruption in the workplace for what it is -- or what's causing it. Make no mistake, it's well underway and managers often struggle to come to grips with the root causes and impact on their organizations. This disruption is part of the Digital Transformation and it results from rapid innovation, increasing user expectations-- and an organization's inability to adapt quickly to change.

We will focus on the digital challenges organizations face ? including the anytime, anyplace, any device mindset. We'll explore innovative new approaches to device and operating system management and answer your questions on improving user satisfaction, productivity and the bottom line.

Participants will learn

--How Windows 10 is Disrupting IT and the Business

--Why Traditional PC Management No Longer Works

--How to Overcome the Top Windows PC & App Obstacles

--Top Five Must-haves for Windows Management & Security

--Roadmap for Seamless Device Management

Featured speakers:

Dale Bortolani, Managing Director for Operating System Optimization, Pomeroy

Jason Roszak, Director of Product Management, VMware