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Powerful Sales Transformation: How IBM scaled sales and marketing effectiveness in under three months

April 6, 2016
1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific

As sales and marketing leaders, we want to empower our sales teams to close more deals in a shorter period of time. Marketers are creating scores of content to meet seller's needs, yet sellers are spending hours searching for and creating their own content for clients.

20 months ago, IBM and Apple partnered to build and deliver MobileFirst for iOS apps -- enterprise apps designed to innovate business and transform roles. Through the course of this work, the team discovered the need to create an app that offers the same transformative experience internally that they had been building for clients externally. The result? IBM has inadvertently become its own largest MobileFirst for iOS success story.

The MobileFirst for iOS team partnered with Box and transformed the way it sells with one solution. Faced with a growing portfolio and a sales team spanning 52 countries, IBM needed to change sales enablement to meet the dynamic needs of sellers and their clients. Asset retrieval, personalization, and content management had to be driven by analytics and delivered faster than ever, on a greater scale.

Join Katharyn White, Apple and IBM Sales and Go-to-Market Global Leader, and Ross McKegney, Director, Box Platform for Industries, as they share how the IBM MobileFirst for iOS team was able to:

  • Enable every seller to be as good as the best sellers
  • Merge sales enablement and content management
  • Use real time data to deliver higher value content to prospects and clients
  • Give sellers a tool which enables them to progress client discussions with ease
  • Integrate Box to create a content management system that can be updated in real time and without help from technology


Featured Speakers:
Katharyn White
- Global Sales and Go-to-Market Vice President, Apple + IBM Partnership
Ross McKegney - Director, Box Platform for Industries
Lenny Liebmann - Moderator, IT Business Edge