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Build Planet-Scale Apps with Azure Cosmos DB in Minutes

June 6, 2017

This webinar with Microsoft's Kirill Gavrylyuk will demonstrate how you can build your globally distributed, planet-scale apps in minutes with Azure Cosmos DB. Kirill will discuss how you can leverage Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, fully managed database service offering guaranteed low latency, limitless elastic throughput and storage, and plethora of capabilities for your documents, graphs, or key-value data, with 99.99% SLA.

See how you can bring these capabilities to your existing MongoDB and Gremlin apps today with a simple config change. Make your iOS and Android apps lightning fast, no matter where in the world your users are.

About the speaker: 
Kirill Gavrylyuk is Principal Development Manager, Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft. He led and grew multiple large-scale cloud services at Microsoft from inception to maturity, including Azure Mobile Services, Notification Hubs, Mobile Engagement, and is now one of the engineering managers on Azure Cosmos DB. His prior work includes leading products such as Windows Communication Foundation, other distributed systems, tools and frameworks.