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2017 Cybersecurity Forecast: What’s On The Horizon?

March 21, 2017

With the rise in ransomware attacks, bank heists that reached new levels of sophistication, and extortion plots that were beyond anything we could have imagined, 2016 certainly was an eventful year for cybersecurity. Going into 2017, no business can afford to be uninformed about cybersecurity or unprepared for an attack. 

Join us for this informative webinar, presented by Andrey Pozhogin, Senior B2B Product Marketing Manager at Kaspersky Lab, as he examines predictions for the year ahead and answer questions such as: 

-- How is ransomware evolving? 
-- What role will Indicators of Compromise play in naming threat actors? 
-- Will security be improved for the Internet of Things? 
-- How will organizations protect high level executives? 
-- How can people and businesses protect their privacy? 

Register now and improve your security with the help of an industry expert. 

About the speaker 

Andrey Pozhogin is a Senior B2B Product Marketing Manager, Kaspersky Lab North America. Andrey is responsible for product marketing and evangelization as well as sales and partner enablement, education and pre-sale support. 

Andrey brings more than ten years of both B2B and B2C product marketing experience to his role. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab in 2009, Andrey was a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Russia Server and Tools business group and an Industry Solutions Marketing Manager at Xerox Russia.