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Designing a Proactive Approach to Information Security with Cyber Threat Hunting

September 20, 2017

Today's cyber threats are more sophisticated, agile and easily capable of getting past any network security measures. Your organization must evolve to keep pace, replacing its traditional defensive security strategies with a proactive, intelligence-driven offense to prevent and disrupt threats from hostile nation-states, competitors, criminals, and more.

By fortifying your cyber security with threat analysis, your organization can identify threat actors, their purpose, intentions, infrastructure and weaknesses. To accomplish these goals, you need investigative solutions that extend to areas not addressed by traditional security solutions, because a strategy based on protection alone is not sufficient anymore.

Attend this webinar with Sean Michael Kerner, Senior Editor at eWeek, and IBM's Bob Stasio to better understand how:

• The five critical sources of cyber danger can endanger your business
• Organizations can efficiently evaluate nontraditional data sources
• Your organization can counter and mitigate more attacks with cyber threat hunting