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High-Stakes Hiring: How New Cyber Assessments Could Help to Protect Your Organization

September 19, 2018
Experts predict that an organization will experience a ransomware attack every 14 seconds by 2019. Protecting your organization from all kinds of cyber threats demands the right talent, and not just technical talent. The latest assessment research into the critical role of cybersecurity professionals reveals that success is about more than technical skills. I-O psychologists from IBM Talent Management Solutions have discovered the eight critical behavioral skills your cyber talent needs to protect your organization from attacks that could cost millions.
It’s not necessarily the technical skills that differentiate the more effective from the less effective cybersecurity professionals – it is often the softer behavioral skills. In fact, human error can cause the greatest cost to the organization, not technical weakness.
Join IBM’s Jeffrey Labrador and James Alivihiera to find out how you can use cyber assessments, AI and innovative learning practices to get this high-stakes hiring right, enable internal mobility and protect your organization.
Join this event to gain:
• Insights into the critical behaviors you need to identify in your cyber professionals
• Guidance on the most efficient way to find cyber talent in a candidate's market
• Suggestions on reskilling existing talent that has the right behavioral profile to become a security professional