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Take Advantage of Cloud Backup to Kick-Start Your Disaster Recovery

September 27, 2017

As organizations' storage needs grow and they expand geographies, they often find they do not have a comprehensive plan to rapidly recover from a natural disaster, cyber attack, or equipment failure. To make matters worse, companies that rely on traditional backup and recovery solutions are simply not able to keep up with the increasing data needs of today's enterprise. These systems are overly complex, costly, and don't scale well with the business.

A comprehensive answer to these data growth challenges is merging cloud backup with disaster recovery (DR). A unified solution that is cloud-native provides unlimited scalability, instant availability, long-term retention, and minimizes the impact on the business in case of a disaster. This seamless manageability and visibility of data across a range of locations and applications is crucial for long-term success.

Join Senior Analyst of Storage Technologies, Steven Hill of 451 Research and Druva's Senior Product Marketing Manager, Seyi Verma, for this webinar, where they'll highlight:

• The growing need for updating and improving disaster recovery and data backup
• What factors to consider when building a DR/BC plan
• What to beware of when evaluating legacy and hybrid models for backup and DR
• How cloud-native backup and DR provides immediate failover to minimize downtime and impact
• And more!

About the speakers:

Steven Hill 
Senior Analyst, Storage Technologies
451 Research
Steven is a Senior Analyst of Storage technologies. He covers the latest generation of hyperconverged systems, cloud-based storage and business continuity/disaster recovery solutions for enterprise customers.

Seyi Verma 
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Seyi is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Druva. He has over 16 years of experience in product management and marketing, driving initiatives around product launches and positioning for both hardware and software.