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Next-Generation Applications Require the Power and Performance of Next-Generation Workstations

September 18, 2017

As your business embraces the latest technologies to help serve its customers, speed time to market, or explore new revenue streams, the technology your employees rely on needs to keep pace. Powerful applications that propel artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and more require outfitting your team with high-performance workstations built to match.

Join Dell's Don Maynard for this on-demand webinar where he introduces the latest generation of Dell Precision Workstations with Intel® processors and learn how your organization can benefit from improved performance across storage, graphic, memory and compute when compared to earlier generation workstations. Among the features Don will explore in detail are:

• An innovative new chassis design
• Enhanced application performance with latest Intel processors and professional graphics
• Improvements in storage capacity and performance
• New advances to improve security

Register today to learn more about the latest generation of workstations and how you can put their power and performance to work for your organization.

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