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DevSecOps: Balance Speed and Agility with Security and Compliance

June 14, 2017

Your developers are shifting to a DevOps delivery model to increase the speed of delivering new code and features to your customers. But as a security and IT practitioner, you want security-first, enterprise-wide solutions that support your development teams without compromising on security.

During this session, we will discuss why it is important to:

-- Secure and manage secrets used by machines (e.g. micro-services, applications, scripts, CI/CD tools, hosts, etc.) and privileged users throughout the DevOps pipeline

-- Integrate with DevOps Toolchain to secure and manage secrets used by CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Chef, etc. to balance speed and automation while still significantly reducing the threat surface

-- Help security and compliance professionals to automatically secure and manage secrets throughout the DevOps pipeline by implementing built-in privileged account best practices across all environments (cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments).

About the speaker 

Barak Feldman is a National Director at CyberArk. He works with Fortune 500 organizations and federal agencies to help them develop long-term cyber security strategies built on privileged account security best practices. He brings deep technical and business experience to his role, with a focus on areas such as regulatory compliance, policy management, access management and proactive risk mitigation techniques