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How to Meet the Unique Challenges of Protecting Cloud Assets

March 23, 2017

As you adopt the use of cloud services, whether in public/IaaS, SaaS or hybrid environments, the attack surface expands and, if breached, the costs increase exponentially.

This session is designed to help IT and security leaders understand and address the unique challenges that enterprises typically face when they deploy their applications in the public cloud. It summarize the areas that the public cloud vendors typically take care of and highlights the areas that the enterprise and application owners are typically responsible for.

With a focus on managing privileged accounts in the cloud environment, this event addresses challenges and solutions for securing application to application sharing and communications, elastic, hybrid and DevOps environments. While the focus is on public cloud, many of the best practices and learnings will also be applicable to private cloud environments.

Featured Speaker:

Chris S. Smith, Product Marketing - Cloud and MSP, CyberArk Software