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Why Are Customers Replacing Oracle with NoSQL and How Are They Doing It?

Jan. 25, 2017

More and more, Global 2000 companies are choosing NoSQL databases to power their Digital Economy applications. This webinar is intended for architects and developers who see NoSQL as the future, and could use practical advice and tips on how to get there. This event will discuss which applications can/should be candidates for NoSQL, show how to get started building a JSON document data model, how to migrate a table-based data model to JSON documents, and how to optimize your design to enable fast query performance.

You will also hear real-world experiences and lessons learned from Brant Burnett, Application Development Team Lead with CenterEdge Software and recognized Couchbase Community Expert. CenterEdge is a leading provider of management solutions for the amusement, entertainment and FEC industries. CenterEdge began their migration to NoSQL in 2012 when their RDBMS system crashed on Black Friday, and today they are running all of their customer-facing applications on a multi-node Couchbase cluster.

This webinar will provide practical, experience-based advice and best practices for moving applications from RDBMS to Couchbase, including:

  • Which applications to choose
  • How to model data and JSON documents
  • When to embed or not embed objects into a JSON document
  • Data modeling using a practical data access pattern approach
  • Indexing and querying JSON documents using N1QL (SQL for JSON)
  • Lessons learned

Featured Speaker:
David Segleau, Director of Technical Product Marketing at Couchbase