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Planning and Executing a Journey into the Software-Defined Data Center through VMware

Dec. 15, 2016

Do you know what's inside a software-defined data center (SDDC)? How might an SDDC solve the challenges inherent in today's traditional data center environments? Explore the ins and outs of software-defined storage with VMware Virtual SAN. Understand how software-defined networking can make your network more agile and secure through NSX. How do you manage and monitor a virtual data center? What tools exist that can help you design and deploy a virtualized solution? Attend this eSeminar and join industry-leading engineers and architects as they offer their experience and answers to today's software-defined technology mysteries.

Featured Speakers:
Carlo Bonura
 - Solution Architect, Virtualization - CDW
Kevin Meccia - Field Solutions Architect, Virtualization - CDW
Earle Cromer III - VMWare Virtual SAN Technical Specialist - CDW
Peter Nielsen - VMware Technical Specialist - CDW