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Active Workload Protection on Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate

September 13, 2018

Container adoption has been skyrocketing, but as enterprises mature their container implementations they face challenges in large-scale orchestration, time-to-market, and security Amazon’s Managed Kubernetes Service (EKS) and AWS Fargate, which runs containers without having to manage servers or clusters, offer organizations great flexibility, scale and hassle-free options for deploying container-based applications.

The different modes of deployment also make it necessary to gain visibility and uniform security controls, across EKS clusters and Fargate deployments. Protecting the application layer requires in-depth understanding of the workloads and their intended functionality.

Watch this event to see how the combination of AWS security controls and Aqua’s comprehensive container security platform provide a complete solution for securing containerized applications:

  • Full life-cycle security controls that ensure applications are secured before they’re deployed
  • Visibility into the security and compliance posture of applications deployed across Fargate and EKS
  • Single-pane-of-glass management of security policy, uniformly across clusters and deployment modalities
  • Leveraging other native AWS services including Amazon ECR, AWS KMS, IAM roles, and PrivateLink