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High-Stakes Hiring: How New Cyber Assessments Could Help to Protect Your Organization

September 19, 2018

The latest assessment research into the critical role of cybersecurity professionals reveals that success is about more than technical skills. I-O psychologists from IBM Talent Management Solutions have discovered the eight critical behavioral skills your cyber talent needs to protect your organization.

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EUC with HCI: Why It Matters

Sept. 13, 2018

Join Kong Yang, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at Nutanix, to learn how successful EUC with HCI implementations empower organizations and professionals to navigate the cloudy storms of change and bring success to their business.

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It's Time to Rethink Risk Assessment in the Digital Age

September 13, 2018

Discover why effective risk management practices offer a single quantitative threat assessment. The goal: a clear-eyed picture of where risk lies so that you to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

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You Can't Detect What You Can't See: Illuminating the Entire Kill Chain

July 31, 2018

Join cybersecurity experts Dr. Chenxi Wang and Tim Roddy, as they shine a light on the challenges of attaining complete visibility across your security environment.

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Transforming Banks for a Digital Future: The Winners, The Losers, and the Strategies to Beat the Odds

JUly 30, 2018

To thrive and gain competitive advantage, banks must solve the CEO's Paradox: radically reducing costs while still investing in the future. Security, resilience, scalability and an insight-driven approach are all critical to current and future success. 

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Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

July 25, 2018

Today’s cloud service providers (CSPs) need a secure and reliable Linux platform that provides exceptional operational efficiencies, allowing them to consolidate a mix of multi-tenant workloads in a small footprint and deliver differentiated level of service to their clients.

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How the CLOUD ACT Changes Compliance for Service Providers

July 9, 2018

Our experts discuss what service providers need to know to comply with the CLOUD Act without breaking their budget.

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The Journey to AI: Change Your Approach to Data

June 21, 2018

Learn how the newly released IBM Cloud Private for Data analytics platform enables organizations to progress toward data maturity, prepare data for AI and drive business insights.

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Driverless Security for the Blissfully Unaware: Protecting Users Even When Their Hands Are Off the Wheel

June 19, 2018

Security incursions continue to grow exponentially across endpoints, mobile devices, and cloud, despite unprecedented private and public sector efforts to secure the infrastructure. What is the best solution for comprehensive infrastructure protection?

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The New Reality for Customer Engagement

May 31, 2018

Omnichannel communication, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and case management are merging to forever change how organizations service their customers. Are you ready?

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Ensuring Peak Performance at the Edge

May 17, 2018

Discover how to improve data center operations in edge environments by using real time data and proactive recommendations to focus on critical incidents, reduce MTTR, mitigate risks, and ensure business continuity.

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Identifying the Risks to Your Risk Management Strategy

May 10, 2018

lanning, launching, and sustaining a risk management strategy that protects the entire organization is not an easy task. Join eWEEK Senior Editor Sean Michael Kerner for this webinar, which will examine the risks to your risk management plans.

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