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E-Signatures 201: Get the Details on Integration, Customization and Advanced Workflow

June 14, 2017

If your organization is planning its digital transformation, if you're investigating e-signatures, or if you are new to a project team interested in the technology, join us for this complimentary webinar to quickly get up to speed on this strategic technology.

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DevSecOps: Balance Speed and Agility with Security and Compliance

June 14, 2017

Your developers are shifting to a DevOps delivery model to increase the speed of delivering new code and features to your customers. But as a security and IT practitioner, you want security-first, enterprise-wide solutions that support your development teams without compromising on security.

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It Might Be Time to Upgrade Your Database If…

June 15, 2017

The combination of information and speed is what drives many businesses today. This dynamic duo powers real-time analytics, keeps supply chains running efficiently, and much more. If your organization can't take advantage of its information and deliver it at the speed of business, you're falling behind.

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Application Security in the Age of Open Source

June 20, 2017

Open source software is the foundation for application development worldwide, comprising 80 to 90% of the code in today's applications. Its value in reducing development costs, speeding time to market and accelerating innovation is driving adoption, but the explosion in open source use has not been accompanied by effective security and management practices.

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How You Can Improve Your Machine Learning with Spark

June 28, 2017

In the age of big data, organizations are finding some of the tools they've relied on for analysis in the past are not up to the task of mining very large datasets and delivering real-time information. That's why many data scientists are adopting Apache Spark.

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Five Advantages of Cloud-Based SIEM for Security Intelligence and Operations

June 29, 2017

Security teams looking to extend their network perimeter defenses with an attack and breach detection capability are discovering that a hosted SIEM gets them up and running faster.

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Build Planet-Scale Apps with Azure Cosmos DB in Minutes

June 6, 2017

Join Microsoft's Kirill Gavrylyuk as he  demonstrates how you can build your globally distributed, planet-scale apps in minutes with Azure Cosmos DB. Kirill will discuss how you can leverage Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, fully managed database service offering guaranteed low latency, limitless elastic throughput and storage, and plethora of capabilities for your documents, graphs, or key-value data, with 99.99% SLA.

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Drive Impactful Insights from Your Survey Research: Move Beyond Means and Counts with Techniques that Matter

June 8, 2017

Join Alex Oftelie, an analytics Subject Matter Expert for IBM and a former consultant for the Gallup Organization, for a live webinar that discusses how to develop insights and create predictive models for survey research.

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The Myths and Truths of Building a World-Class Cyber Defense

June 6, 2017

Join Chris Coryea, Head of International Cyber Intelligence Services for Leidos Cyber, for this live webinar where he will share his practical, real-world experience with tackling the myths that distract organizations from building a comprehensive cyber defense.

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Are Your Collaboration Tools Getting in the Way of Collaborating?

June 1, 2017

We have tools to help us exchange knowledge internally and externally, share documents and data, help groups collaborate and fill knowledge gaps. But with all of these options available to business users and consumers, collaboration is becoming increasingly complex and organizations are becoming more siloed

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Agility Unleashed: What SD WAN Can Do for You

May 31, 2017

Transformative technologies that greatly enhance capabilities and lower costs can take years to develop and put into production. Not so with SD-WAN, which Gartner describes as a highly disruptive force accelerating at a pace, “unheard of in wide area networking.”

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Cloud Security Enforcer, the New CASB from IBM Security

Cloud access security broker (CASB) solutions address security gaps left open by many software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. This webinar discusses a next-generation solution, unique from other CASB products, that helps you better prepare and securely deliver cloud applications. It's the first solution to combine cloud application visibility, identity and access controls, and dynamic threat intelligence.

Sponsored by IBM MaaS360

IT Infrastructure

What Is NextGen WAN?

If you read technology media, next-generation wide-area networks (WANs) are the next best thing since sliced bread. Are they? Many businesses are asking themselves that very same question. This eSeminar compiles the most common questions and brings together engineers and architects to offer their experience and answers.

Sponsored by CDW & Cisco