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Software Defined Networking: What to Know and What to Watch For

December 15, 2015

In an era increasingly focused on software-defined infrastructure, software defined networking (SDN) is having a tremendous impact on the way IT, network and datacenter staff think about connectivity both wired and wireless.

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2015 Cost of Data Breach Study – Findings and Implications for BCM

December 08, 2015

The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management is an annual special report that analyzes the positive impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of a data breach.

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Analytics in the Social Media Era – Introducing Watson Analytics for Social Media

December 9, 2015

It’s well known that in today’s digital market, consumers share their experiences and beliefs through social media, and brands know that their success relies on their ability to capture and analyze what’s being said across multiple channels.

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How to Secure Any Enterprise Mobile App & Deploy to Any User

December 10, 2015

IT and business leaders who are transforming their organization with mobility don't have it easy. They need to deliver mobile assets that drive efficiencies, within budget, and that meet the highest levels of security.

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Data Management

Lower RTOs™ with Veeam Explorers for Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory and Exchange

Organizations are modernizing their data centers in order to provision IT services faster, strengthen security, and reduce costs. However, businesses are facing new demands from end users, including access to data and applications 24/7, no patience for downtime or data loss, and exponential data growth at 30-50% per year. This opens an availability gap between always-on user requirements and IT’s ability to effectively deliver availability.

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SQL Server 2014 High Availability & Disaster Recovery with Pure Storage

Microsoft SQL Server includes a high availability option called AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AGs). In this session we will see how AGs are implemented using a Windows Server Failover Cluster and SQL Server 2014 with the Pure Storage FlashArray.

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CyberArk Introduces Privileged Account Security for SSH Keys

Secure Shell (SSH) keys provide unmitigated access for privileged users and applications. However, managing and securing these critical privileged credentials poses a real challenge for organizations, putting sensitive data at risk. In fact, more than 50% of organizations report experiencing an SSH Key related compromise.

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